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Mini Review - Integrative Neuroscience Research (2022) Volume 5, Issue 4

Cognitive flexibility and cumulative neurological risk in adult survivors of pediatric brain tumors

Cancers of the brain and central nervous system are the second most prevalent type of cancer in children. Medical and technological advances in cancer treatments have resulted in improved survival rates for children with brain tumors, and research has shifted to emphasize quality of survival, identify psychosocial and neurobiological factors that predict poor outcomes, identify protective factors that promote resilience, and develop effective interventions to address the problems that arise as survivors age and reach adulthood. Research on long haul results of grown-up overcomers of pediatric mind growths has shown critical inconvenient mental impacts particularly in the space of chief working. Concentrates on have likewise observed that shortfalls in chief working underlie shortages in friendly and versatile working. As a possibly modifiable space with results to versatile abilities and useful results, chief working is a significant area of request in the investigation of long haul results in grown-up overcomers of pediatric mind growths.

Author(s): Joshua Bernstock

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