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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 8

Clinical characteristics and treatment response of childhood lichen planus: Insights from a Tunisian study.

Lichen Planus (LP) is an autoimmune, chronic inflammatory dermatological condition seldom encountered in children, with limited data available outside the Indian subcontinent.

This retrospective study delves into the epidemiological characteristics, clinical features, and treatment responses of LP in Tunisian children, spanning two decades. Among 255 LP patients, 11 (4.3%) were children aged 18 or younger. The median age of onset was 15 years, with a male-to-female ratio of 1.7. Pruritus was a universal symptom, with skin involvement observed in most cases. Classic LP was the predominant morphological variant. Histopathological analysis confirmed the diagnosis, revealing characteristic features. Treatment outcomes varied, with some patients experiencing complete clearance and others partial improvement. Actinic LP cases exhibited seasonal recurrences.

Our series specifies some epidemiological and clinical features of LP in Tunisian children. The data from the literature is insufficient to determine the characteristics of LP in children. Prospective studies are needed for a better understanding of the incidence and prognostic factors of this disease.

Author(s): Ichrak Khamassi1, Wiem Barbaria1*, H Zribi2, A.Ben Osman2

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