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Mini Review - Journal of Dermatology Research and Skin Care (2023) Volume 7, Issue 2

Clinical application of Nourkrin® as a pre and post−hair transplantation, growth stimulating treatment rationale and action mechanisms.

Pre and post-operative pharmacotherapy is often an essential adjunct to Hair Transplantation Surgery (HTS) to optimise its long-term clinical outcomes. Both systemic and topical hairstimulating therapies are often administered to minimise acute post-op hair shedding and loss/ miniaturisation of existing follicles at the recipient site. Emerging evidence revealed a progressive decline in proteoglycan expression in active parts of susceptible hair follicles, known as Follicular Hypoglycania (FHG). FHG contributes to the shortening of anagen and excessive hair shedding and can give rise to follicular miniaturisation due to Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy (PFA). This unprecedented pathogenetic insight led to using Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy (PRT) with Nourkrin® as a novel adjunctive treatment. Nourkrin® Man and Woman contain Marilex-M and Marilex, rich in hair-specific natural proteoglycans, e.g., versican and decorin. These bioactive macromolecules are orally bioavailable and possess in-vivo anagen stimulating, catagen inhibitory and anti-miniaturisation properties. The positive effects of PRT with Nourkrin on hair growth and density are demonstrated through replicated clinical trials. This treatment can also improve some aspects of health-related quality of life in hair loss patients. Nourkrin® is safe and well tolerated for long-term use with no significant side effects in clinical studies. Accordingly, PRT can be recommended at least three months before the surgery, which may be resumed postop to ensure optimal survival and regrowth of the grafts and remaining follicles. Nourkrin® can be combined with conventional topical and systemic treatments and serve as a safe and effective part of a standard pre and post-HTS pharmacotherapy regimen.

Author(s): Jan Wadstein*, Zaira Paulina Garcia Jimenez.

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