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Rapid Communication - Journal of Child and Adolescent Health (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Child Health Policies (CHP) in India special issue "Pediatric Health Policy

Children up to 14 y of age contain nearly one-third (29.5%) populace of India. Securing the wellbeing of this biggest statistic bunch requires sound approaches and programs as these children are the long run work drive and mental powerhouse of our nation. They will be the flagbearers of maintainable advancement in India. India has navigated an exciting travel of advancement and usage of child wellbeing care approaches and programs since autonomy. The vision and center of these programs has changed over the a long time, as understanding of child wellbeing developed. India was the primary nation within the world to roll out a National Family Arranging Program within the year 1952 with the point of bringing down the ripeness rate and controlling the development of populace. Wellbeing of new-born children and new-borns shaped a moderately minor component of this program. Afterward, the Government of India came up with the National Arrangement for Children in 1974 to organize child wellbeing, sustenance, vagrant and dejected children and children with incapacities and to actualize laws for the same.

Author(s): Mikayla Gordon

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