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Research Article - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

Characterization study of cellulose (CEL) + plasticizer PEG added LDPE bio composite.

The development of society and increasing consumption of plastics in the world has been a subject of great concern and special attention by the scientific community. The aim of this research paper to synthesize and characterize Cellulose + PEG added LDPE bio composite thin film buried in natural compostable soil environment for the period up to 180 days. The Cellulose (CEL) added 7 wt. % PEG/LDPE bio composite thin films having 10 wt. % of CEL were characterized by weight loss and weight loss percent, UTS and PEB measurements, SEM and XRD before and after degradation in order to study biodegradation of CEL/PEG/LDPE thin film samples under natural environment. The LDPE + 7% PEG + 10% CEL bio composite thin films after soil burial of 90, 120, 180 days are found to be degraded and makes an eco- friendly and degradable material in natural environment.

Author(s): Amit L Gadre, Ganesh R Yerawar, Manish C Golchha and Vijaya Sangawar4

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