Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 8

Characterization of the calcium influx in human omental vessels of patients with advanced chronic kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has a high morbimortality at a global level and alone is a cardiovascular risk factor because of its predisposition to anemia, acid base balance, and hydroelectrolytic and bone mineral metabolism disorders, the ones related to anemia or volume overload. These changes lead to morphofunctional changes and modification in the calcium reactivity at a cardiovascular level. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze morphofunctional changes associated to the influx of calcium in the omental vessels of patients with CKD. Histopathological and functional changes of the omental arteries of patients with CKD were assessed. The results obtained showed an increase in the vascular wall in the group with CKD with respect to control and CKD-DM. The contractile response to calcium is lower in the arteries of patients with CKD with respect to controls and on the other hand the capacitative calcium influx is higher in arteries of patients with CKD and CKD-DM. Therefore, it was observed that there is a modification both in morphological and calcium reactivity in the omental arteries of patients with CKD, which are associated with cardiovascular disorders in these patients.

Author(s): Cruz-Dominguez Maria del Pilar, Maria de los Angeles Martinez-Godinez, Montes-Cortes Daniel, Ortiz-Villegas Miguel, Guevara-Balcazar Gustavo, Vera-Arzave Carlos, Castillo-Hernandez Maria del Carmen

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