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Editorial - Journal of Pain Management and Therapy (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Changing minds: New concepts in the treatment of pain.

I am truly delighted to introduce the new Journal of Pain Management and Therapy (JPMT) (Allied Academies). JPMT provides a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary treatment of pain. First of all, the main objective of this journal is to share and deliver content work done by researchers and scholars in the field of Pain Management and its treatment using many types of therapy. It also shares some articles on new regenerative medication and drugs therapies for pain management. Moreover, the journal counts on the collaboration of an international multidisciplinary Editorial Board. In fact, it has been conducted a rigorous selection of our editorial board and reviewers to ensure the quality and credibility necessary for a scientific journal. Inside you will find original research, timely review articles, case reports, commentaries, book and media reviews, as well as articles on efficacy, safety, costeffectiveness, availability, delivery systems, ethics, policy, philosophy, and other issues relevant to the management of acute and chronic pain. Needless to say, any papers that you wish to submit, either individually or collaboratively, are much appreciated and will make a substantial contribution to the early development and success of the journal. Best wishes and thank you in advance for your involvement to the Journal of Pain Management and Therapy.

Author(s): Ernesto Delgado Cidranes

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