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Review Article - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Cavitation: A tool for treatment of industrial waste water.

Many industries release polluted waste water in the surrounding environment which is most toxic to the aquatic life and human health. Cavitation is one of the phenomena which is applied for treatment of waste water for reduction of different hazardous parameters that are released in environment. The aspects of medicinal consumption and release of waste water from textile and dairy industry are increasing day by day which leads to release of different chemicals, by-products and waste into water. This contaminates the natural water, so its effect should be mitigated, for this there are several processes utilize viz. Sonoelectrochemical catalytic oxidation, Acoustic cavitation, Advanced Oxidation processes. Conspicuously, variety of dyes, chemical dye stuff, pharmaceutical compounds, textile raw materials, etc increases the water polluting parameter. By usage of techniques namely Sonofenton, ultrasound cavitation, Sonolysis, AOP, Ozonation and Ultrasonic dying the toxicity of chemicals is reduced. To meet the need of better and safer environment cavitation is the good process to degrade the several pollutants that causes pollution. All analysis gives the result that fulfils the required outcome with an effective result.  

Author(s): Shital S Dehankar *, Patil PD, Shambala N Jadhav , Pranjali S Jadhav , Lokesh S Gathe

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