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Research Article - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Can consumption make you happy?

This current examination investigated the idea of personal satisfaction (QOL) showcasing from the point of view of understudies. Moreover, it produced subjective information which will open entryways for future examination in a similar region. This examination embraces a subjective methodology, utilizing top to bottom eye to eye interviews. A sum of twenty members were chosen from various resources at present dwelling in Malaysia and Pakistan. A few techniques were applied to complete a thorough subjective investigation (i.e., talk with manage, sound/ video recording and field notes, brief translation, coding and arranging the transcripts, direct statements and rich information cuts while introducing discoveries). The discoveries of this paper uncovered that in milieu of utilization understudies accept that their personal satisfaction improve with the utilization of different items. Further, for the greater part of the understudies a solid relationship with their families and friends and family is a significant factor of their personal satisfaction. Nation based populace studies ought to be done so as to survey and screen the personal satisfaction in a standard manner. Further given that this exploration is subjective, there is a need to set out on observational information gathering on a similar theme. This examination was led in Malaysia and Pakistan, where no investigation has been led to investigate the personal satisfaction promoting from understudy's point of view. In addition, Consumption, a significant feature of showcasing, was likewise investigated without precedent for the QOL setting.

Author(s): Pydimarri krishna bhargavi

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