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Special Issue Article - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 3

Blockchain biofuel application

 Biofuels are essential in our future energy supply. Various sources and origin of biomass have a very different environmental impact. How can blockchain secure and safeguard origin throughout the whole supply chain? Some factors have a negative influence on what could otherwise have been a positive product; using wood from sources with high natural value. Non-traceable origin has a negative impact in itself. Long distance transport can also change the situation. Production forests that are not managed sustainably leads to negative effects like loss of soil fertility, erosion and diminishing availability of food crops locally. Blockchain when done well can improve several of these factors by introducing transparency, traceability and trust for all stakeholders in supply chains. Local sources that are marked and visible on the blockchain are preferable: The process can be followed exactly, and proves the source is trustworthy and meets sustainability and other criteria. It is essential to map sources of wood that are available for future use. These then will be visible on the ledger of the blockchain and can be followed over time. This give management information, planning tools and transparency for stakeholders and public alike. In Holland, the Government is going to plant 100,000 hectares of forest for biomass. A perfect opportunity to apply the proposed system. Everyone can see the forests grow and be certain of sustainable management and future consumption

Author(s): Jan Clement

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