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Short Communication - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

Big Data focused information mining on pandemic era: COVID-19 analysis, challenges and impacts

In the modern era, information technology based applications significantly impact the global pandemic like COVID-19. The research areas like big data and data mining can serve as the platform for the execution of information technology based solutions. These applications affect daily life activities and assist us to deal with epidemiological situations. COVID-19 was emerged as a global pandemic in 2019. From the initiation of the COVID-19 era to the present scenario, there is huge drift in the progress of society in different sectors. These sectors include healthcare, education, transportation, military etc. Dramatic changes have been observed in the economy after the COVID-19 scenario. The steep fall in the economy of different nations has been analysed in the past. Now, the entire world is recovering from this pandemic era and economy is recovering with the time.

Author(s): Vinod Kumar Verma

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