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Short Communication - Archives of General Internal Medicine (2020) Volume 4, Issue 7

Behavior of Cancer Patients: Short communication

Background Although Cancer is now becoming the main public ill health in Ethiopia, it indicates the necessity of data concerning the notice of the population about the disease. Methods Qualitative method using in-depth interview were conducted with patients attending at Addis Ababa Black lion Hospital the capital city of Ethiopia. This study wanted to explore the health seeking behavior of cancer patients and their perception about explanation for cancer who came at Black lion hospital cancer treating center. In-depth interview was employed by using semi structured questioners. Result Generally participants perception of cause about cancer were categorized into four major categories as punishment from God for any rude action, lifestyle and physical causes, genetics, having multiple sexual partners and use of birth spacing contraceptive. Their perceptions towards the effectiveness of allopathic treatment were tremendously low, and lack of trust towards the medical treatment, inability of access to medical treatment thanks to long appointment and price of treatment, understanding of explanation for cancer as God punishments were some barriers to hunt medical treatment. Conclusion: aside from barriers of health care services the paper explored important areas of socio-cultural influence for cancer care which helps the health planner during cancer care plan.

Author(s): Elyn Cobs

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