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- Biomedical Research (2012) Volume 23, Issue 1

Association of sickle cell anaemia in morphology of full term placenta in Chhattisgarh region

Placental examination reflects prenatal factors and postnatal fetal outcomes. In the present study 100 full term placentas were studied morphologically in which 50 placentae were collected from normal mothers and 50 were from mothers with sickle cell disease. Placentas were examined for shape, weight and volume of placenta with surface area number of cotyledons, attachment of umbilical cord. No change was observed in cotyledon count in placentas of sickling cases. The most common shape of the placenta was discoidal in both normal cases (68%) and in mothers with sickle cell disease (50%). The second most common shape of the placenta was oval and it was found significantly higher in mothers with sickle cell disease (32%) than in normal cases (22%). Irregular shape was found in only 6% of normal placenta while it was 16% in cases of sickling cases which was significantly higher. Most commonly attachment of umbilical cord was central (32%) in normal cases and near centre in sickling cases (36%). The weight of placenta was significantly lower in cases of sickling (mean 438.08gm) in comparison to normal subjects (mean 468.88gm). The mean volume of placenta was also significantly lower in case of sickling cases (mean 502.06 ml) in comparison to normal subjects (mean 576.44ml). The placental surface area was also affected by sickle cell anaemia and it was found lower (mean 262.14cm2) than normal subjects (mean 273.12cm2). Thus, the present study indicated that sickling adversely affected gross placental parameters. This might be the probable reason behind worst foetal outcome in mothers with sickle cell disease.

Author(s): Kurrey Praveen, Kumar Amit, Yogesh AS, Shukla CK, Banergee C, Singh T

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