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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2019) Volume 2, Issue 1

Association of high expression of non-coding RNA FLJ22447 with HIF-1a in ESCC patients.

Background: This study investigated the prognostic values of hypoxia-regulated markers and their interrelationships in esophageal cancer patients. Methods: Fresh tumor and margin normal tissue specimens were obtained from 49 patients with esophageal cancer (Age: 48 years; range: 29 to 81 years). Samples collected from the Tumor Bank of Cancer Institute, Imam Khomeini Hospital in 2016-2017. The Quantitative real-time PCR was performed to determine the expression level of HIF-1a, VEGFA, and FLJ22447 and correlated with demographic information of patients, tumor characteristics, and survival. Results: Significant up-regulation of HIF-1a, VEGFA, and FLJ22447 were observed in ESCC tumor tissues than normal tissues. High expression of VEGFA was associated with advanced stages (III-IV) and metastasis, while HIF-1a correlated with I-II stage. Moreover, high tumor HIF-1a expression was associated with reduced overall survival of ESCC patients. Conclusions: The evidence from this study suggests that hypoxia-driven angiogenesis by up-regulation of HIF-1a and FLJ22447 in tumor tissues may play a crucial role in ESCC progression. Measuring FLJ22447 expression extends our knowledge to enhance our understanding about its regulatory function on HIF-1a and subsequently angiogenesis by VEGFA.

Author(s): Shabbou Bahramian, Reza Sahebi, Zahra Roohinejad, Encieh Delshad, Naeme Javid, Amirnader Emami Razavi, Mohammad Shafiee, Fatemeh T Shamsabadi

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