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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Association of diagnostic test and type of response in multi-visit molar RCT

Introduction: Endodontic diagnostic tests are important for treatment planning. The diagnostic evaluation consists of several basic tests like palpation, percussion, periodontal probing, thermal testing- heat and cold and electrical pulp testing. The most rigorous method for evaluating the effectiveness and accuracy of diagnostic tests is by comparing the responses to each test during endodontic single visit root canal treatments. Materials and Method: A cross sectional retrospective study of, with a study population of 1743 patients visiting Saveetha Dental College and Hospital who had been treated with multi visit molar RCT, their diagnostic test responses were noted for them. The data was tabulated and analysed. SPSS by IBM was used for data analysis The Statistical test used was the Chi Square test. Results: From the collected data of 1743 teeth undergoing multi visit RCT and underwent diagnostic test response we see that 896 of them were males (51.4%). 688 of them were from the age of 20 to 30 years (39.5%) which is the most common age group of caries and has a good success rate for root canal treatment. Most common affected tooth was mandibular molars i.e. 1236 (70.9%). Commonly Cold Test showed Normal Response (29%) and Heat Test showed Delayed Response (23.1%). Conclusion: From the study we conclude that males are most commonly affected from caries, mandibular molar are the teeth that are more susceptible to caries than maxillary molar. Cold test and heat test were the most common type of test conducted out of which cold test normal response and heat test delayed response is the most common type of response.

Author(s): Babu BV, Sugumaran S

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