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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 4

Association of Body Mass Index with Bone acceleration on Impulse response in Men and Women of South Indian Population

Bone quality diagnosis is recognized as an important health issue particularly in women. Bone mineral density (BMD) is the major measurable determinant of the risk of bone disease such as Osteoporosis. Several studies showed that the Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body weight are associated with BMD. The aim of present study is to find out the effect of body mass index on bone mineral density through acceleration parameter by Impulse response. The present study was performed on human volunteers (30 men and 30 women in each group) under 20 to 25 years and 45-55(Premenopausal women) and 56-65(Post menopausal women) age groups. The experiment was carried out by using the developed Instrumentation setup which utilizes the vibration technique for its operation and MEMS accelerometer sensors are used to pick up the vibration signal propagation response through leg bone as acceleration. BMI information of the subjects who were participated in this experiment was determined by measuring the height and weight of them using standard scales. Observation showed a significant relationship between the BMI and BMD in terms of acceleration of normal and overweight subjects of men and women under different age groups. High BMI or body weight is correlated positively with Bone acceleration in both men and women (p < 0.05) while lower body weight is associated with lower BMD.

Author(s): S. Mythili and G. Athisha

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