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Abstract - Research and Reports in Pulmonology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0


 The WHO Framework for Health Systems Performance Assessment recommends that decision makers at all levels need to quantify the variation in health system performance, identify factors that influence it and ultimately articulate policies that will archive better results in a variety of settings. The performance of sub-components of systems such as regions within countries or public health services also needs to be assessed. Health outcomes are a reflection of clinical quality/appropriateness of care and are co-produced by care providers and users. Their roles and responsibility differ but intertwine for the achievement of quality. While the provider is guided by professional and ethical policies, the user has needs and expectations to be met. Therefore, measuring users’ experiences as recipients of health services plays a significant role in assessing the delivery of quality healthcare. This study aimed at using patients’ experiences as a measure in assessing the quality of care rendered in the Regional Hospital Bamenda. A cross - sectional survey will was employed where patients who received care in the RHB were sampled to give a snapshot of the general opinion of patients who frequent the hospital. The PAHC instrument for in and out patients was used to collect data foranalysis in SPSS version 20. Regression analysis, 0.05 significance level, was used to calculate the correlation between the overall ratings of the hospital performance and the dimensions of care. Majority of patients, 52% to 91.7%, had their various needs attained with the care they received though two of the expected care needs were unmet to a greater population. Most of patients revealed that they experienced a moderate (44%) and high (24%) global level of satisfaction with the quality of care rendered to them. The dimensions of care which had statistically significant associations with the overall hospital rating of quality of care 

Author(s): BODZEWAN Emmanuel FONYUY

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