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Abstract - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Assessment of Socio-Economic, Demographic and Health Factors Those Influence the Survival/Death Status of HIV Positive People under ARTFollow-Up at Wolaita Sodo Referral Hospital (Ottona), Ethiopia

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV attacks and destroys certain types of white blood cells that are essential to the body’s immune system, the biological ability of the human body to fight infections. The main aim of this study was to find out some socioeconomic, demographic and health factors that influence the survival/death status of HIV positive people under ART follow-up. It is a cross sectional study based on data from the ART clinic in Ottona Hospital, south Ethiopia. The analytical methodologies and Binary Logistic regression were employed to identify the covariates that have a statistically significant effect on the survival time of HIV infected patients. The logistic regression analysis of the study from ART clinic of Wolaita Sodo University referral hospital gave results confirming that the factors age, weight, baseline CD4 level, functional status, TB treatment and sex use have statistically significant effects on the survival of patients. Researchers should focus on this Infectious Disease & Healthcare area i.e. in the medical area of health centers and ART program. Biography: Getachew Tekle has completed his MSc at the age of 26 years from Jimma University who has served Wachemo University as a Lecturer with the rank of Assistant Professor and currently he is a PhD in Biostatistics Student in Yazd University, Iran. He has published more than 8 papers.  reputed journals and has been serving as a reviewer and editorial board member of different international journals. Recent Publications: 1. Ketema K (2011) Determining factors that affect the survival rate of HIV infected patients on ART: The case of Armed Forces General Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiop J Health Dev 22. 2. Tekle G (2019) Assessment of Socio-Economic, Demographic and Health Factors That Influences the Survival/Death Status of HIV Positive People under Art Follow-Up at Wolaita Sodo Referral Hospital (Ottona), Ethiopia. J Trop Dis 7: 303. doi:10.4172/2329891X.1000303 3. Sethi E (2009) Factors affecting CD4+T-lymphocyte count response to HAART in HIV patients. HIV Medicine Journal 8: 141.
Author(s): Getachew Tekle

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