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Commentary - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2023) Volume 7, Issue 6

Assessment of clinical efficacy of a novel treatment for chronic pain.

The use of oxycodone to treat chronic cancer pain has been hampered by its short elimination half-life, which necessitates administration every 4 hours. This study compared the clinical efficacy and safety of a novel oxycodone formulation with that of hydromorphone in the treatment of cancer pain. We recruited 47 chronic pain patients to participate in an 8 sessions, 2 hours per week, online, structured, CBT oriented pain management group using WebEx and compared them with 46 subjects who participated in a parallel, content matched, in person, weekly group. Both groups included goal setting, skills training, relaxation exercises, group discussion and practice assignments. All subjects completed baseline measures, which were repeated post-treatment. Those in the online group participated in weekly telephone interviews and rated the perceived helpfulness of the remote group. Several recent studies have demonstrated the benefit of spinal cord stimulation in managing chronic pain. Until recently, the mechanism of action was founded on a central paradigm derived from gate control theory, which is the need to stimulate the dorsal column of the spinal cord to generate paresthesia.

Author(s): Zhang Nafea*

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