Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research

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Editorial - Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research (2021) Volume 4, Issue 3

Artificial intelligence in oncology: Current applications and future directions.

 Artificial intelligence (AI), for quite a long time, has caught society's creative mind and produced excitement for its capability to improve our lives. As of now, AI as of now assumes a fundamental part in our day-by-day schedules and our connections with media, transportation, and interchanges. There is an expanding interest in the uses of AI in medical care to improve sickness determination, the board, and the advancement of powerful treatments. Given the enormous number of patients determined to have disease and huge measure of information created during malignancy treatment, there is a particular interest in the use of AI to improve oncologic consideration. In this survey, we present the basics of AI and give an outline of its present applications, traps, and future bearings in oncology.

Author(s): Kevin Vales

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