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Short Communication - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

Argatroban immobilization on Cu-modified PVC and PU

Thrombosis induced by biomaterials after their contact with blood is a main reason of medical device failure. To make material surface more thromboresistant different approaches have been undertaken. NO generating biomaterial has proven to play a crucial role in the prevention of thrombosis by inhibiting the platelets activation/adhesion. However, immobilization of the direct thrombin inhibitors onto material surface makes material more thromboresistant by preventing thrombin-mediated blood clotting. The aim of this research was to immobilize argatroban a direct thrombin inhibitor with reliable and predictable anticoagulant effect onto PVC and PU polymers. Both polymers were first imprinted with Cu ions for the catalytic generation of NO (this research was reported earlier). Argatroban was immobilized on the Cu-modified PVC and PU using the polydopamine ad-layer via the Michael addition/Schiff base reaction. The amount of argatroban bound to the polymer surface was measured (spectrophotometric determination at 334 nm) as 11.92 nmol/cm2 on PVC and 13.10 nmol/ cm2 on PU surface.

Author(s): Liana Azizova

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