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Review Article - Journal of Fisheries Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Apprehensions and issues related to pacu Piaractus brachypomus (Cuvier 1818) farming in India

In India, recently introduced pacu fish farming is picking up fast without envisaging scientific track to promote or regulate it. The unofficially introduced pacu in India is projected to be Piaractus brachypomus relying on the identifying characteristics. However, the species available in aquaculture and that in aquarium trade is yet to be scientifically validated. The identification of juvenile fish available at hatcheries, farms and aquarium shops based on morphological features may not be correct particularly when possibility of existing different species of pacu and their interspecific hybrids may exist. Monitoring, risk assessment and identification of the individual species should be scientifically conducted. In India, the farm-raised pacu grows well but its production differs from farm to farm. The fish can utilize diets high in carbohydrates and plant proteins, tolerates poor water quality conditions, varied environments and culture conditions. Breeding of the fish is now well established for its farm raising and propagation yet ornamental value of the fish has also further fascinated aquarium shopkeepers and hobbyists to keep and propagate it in different states of the country. Farm raising, hatchery production and aquarium trading of pacu facilitated inadvertant releases of introduced pacu which has gravitated into several natural water bodies. It is proposed that the available pacu farms and hatcheries need to be urgently registered in view of proper management and scientific regulations on pacu farming. Based on the synthesized and field oriented information presented in this study, there are several apprehensions of adverse ecological concerns and consequences. The issues and concerns of rapid expansion of pacu in the country draws attention of the policy makers and the scientific community to address them keeping in view of the larger interest of the farmers community, society and the environment.

Author(s): Atul K Singh

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