Journal of Psychology and Cognition

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Research Article - Journal of Psychology and Cognition (2019) Volume 4, Issue 1

Applying predictive processing and functional redeployment in understanding realism in virtual environments.

Research has consistently demonstrated that people treat digital technology-based environments such as VR as if they were real. This is consistent with neural reuse and predictive processing theories. Neural circuits that have developed to perform real world actions are reused when performing tasks in computer mediated environments. The current research investigates some of the factors that could support users in leveraging their existing real world representations. A reasonable hypothesis is that users are more likely to emulate existing real world processing if technological artifacts are congruent with their experiential basis. This work investigates the perceived cues of task risks, movement realism and controller realism in performing actions. Controller design is manipulated (gesturing, wand, vs. knife), and participants cut a vegetable in a simulated environment. Participants evoked real world sensory motor contingency when technological artifacts are congruent with their experiential basis.

Author(s): Shulan Lu*, Derek Harter, Gang Wu and Pratyush Kotturu

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