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Editorial - Microbiology: Current Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Antigenic variation in bacteria

Bacteriology is a part of microbiology that is worried about the investigation of microorganisms (just as Archaea) and related viewpoints. It's a field wherein bacteriologists consider and become familiar with the different qualities (structure, hereditary qualities, organic chemistry and nature and so on) of microorganisms just as the system through which they cause illnesses in people and creatures. Microbes are single-celled microorganisms that do not have an atomic layer, are metabolically dynamic and gap by double parting. Restoratively they are a significant reason for sickness. Hastily, microorganisms give off an impression of being moderately straightforward types of life; truth be told, they are complex and profoundly versatile. Numerous microorganisms increase at fast rates, and various species can use a colossal assortment of hydrocarbon substrates, including phenol, elastic, and petrol. These living beings exist generally in both parasitic and free-living structures. Since they are universal and have a momentous ability to adjust to changing conditions by determination of unconstrained freaks, the significance of microbes in each field of medication couldn't possibly be more significant.

Author(s): Jeongsook Yoon

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