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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 3

Antibacterial effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) extract in synergism with voriconazole and fluconazole against fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans isolates: An in vitro study.

According to reports, Candida albicans is believed to be the leading cause of fungal urinary tract infections, otherwise known as Candiduria. Prevention of candiduria using natural products is desirable and should be investigated. The current study reports the antimicrobial effect of H. sabdariffa (Roselle) extract, a common herbal drink, in combination with voriconazole or fluconazole against C. albicans isolates. Six strains of fluconazole-resistant C. albicans isolates were obtained from patients with recurrent candiduria. The interaction of H. sabdariffa with voriconazole and fluconazole was investigated using checkerboard tests. When the extract was used in combination with voriconazole, a high degree of synergism was observed and it proved to be an encouraging agent against fluconazole-resistant C. albicans, in vitro. On the other hand, the extract showed indifferent effect with fluconazole. No antagonistic interaction was however, detected in the tested isolates. Further study is required to determine the mechanism of the synergistic action

Author(s): Issam Alshami and Ahmed Eid Alharbi

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