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Review Article - Journal of Anesthetics and Anesthesiology (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Anesthesia for abdominal myomectomy - A five years audit of a Federal Medical Centre in Owerri, Nigeria

Background: Anesthesia for abdominal myomectomy remains a challenge in the developing countries. Easy adaptability and proper utilization of available resources are essential features desired for the Anesthetists working in developing countries, in there to provide anesthetic services. Thus, there is a need to audit the anesthetic practice for abdominal myomectomy over the period of 5 years in our institution. Methods: This retrospective study was done, following the approval of Research and Ethics Committee of Federal Medical Centre Owerri. The surgical theatre registers recordings were used, and we reviewed all our patients who had abdominal myomectomy from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2013 in Federal Medical Centre Owerri, Imo State - Nigeria, and the type of anesthesia they received were recorded. Results: A total of 202 anesthetic services were offered for abdominal myomectomy during the period of January 1st,2009 to December 31st,2013 in our Institution. Seventy nine percent of them were general anesthesia, while 15%, 4.5% and 1.5% were spinal anesthesia, spinal with general anesthesia combination, and combination of spinal and epidural anesthesia respectively. Conclusion: This study revealed that in our Institution the most available anesthetic service for abdominal myomectomy is general anesthesia. In the recent time, combined spinal epidural anesthesia is emerging, and this offers the benefit of analgesia even in prolong surgery and postoperative period.

Author(s): Nnaji CT, Chikwe K

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