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Short Article - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2018) Volume 1, Issue 1

Analysis of the curative effect of a new decompressive Craniectomy on the treatment of severe Craniocerebral injury

At present, severe and extra severe craniocerebral injury are still the difficulties in clinical neurosurgery, with a high mortality rate of 30%-50% and a high disability rate. Complications such as cerebral contusion and laceration, hydrocephalus, and diffuse brain swelling are often developed and then induce rises of malignant intracranial pressure, which is the main cause of mortality. For severe and extra severe craniocerebral injury, conservative treatments are often ineffective, while decompressive craniectomy is the key to cure patients. Neurosurgeons hold different views on the removing scope of the bone flap and its merits and demerits. We have designed a new decompressive craniectomy based on years of treatment of severe and extra severe craniocerebral injuries.

Author(s): Qianlei Liang, Xin Chen, Dehua Liu, Yueting Gao and Yongchuan Guo

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