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Rapid Communication - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2022) Volume 6, Issue 10

Analysing enterprise asset structure and profitability using cloud computing and strategic control accounting.

Measures of marginal income are derived for the 2 payment classes--value payers and rate payers--that the sanatorium enterprise ought to don't forget in profitability evaluation, i.e., prediction of the excess of sales over expenses. This article examines the relationship between clinic profitability and performance. A go-section of 1317 U.S. metropolitan, acute care, not-for-earnings hospitals for the year 2015 was hired. We use a frontier technique, stochastic frontier analysis, to estimate clinic performance. General margin and operating margin were used as income variables in OLS regressions that had been corrected for heteroskedacity. In addition to envisioned performance, manipulate variables for inner and external correlates of profitability were blanketed inside the regression models.

Author(s): Winqan Chai

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