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Abstract - Journal of Anesthetics and Anesthesiology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Anaesthesia 2019 : Augmentation mammaplasty: A 40 years experience- Juan A Mira, Clinica Doctor Mira

Maintaining the shape and position of female breast has been a permanent human desire. Since 5000 years to nowadays we have noticed this evidence. Sir Astley Cooper seemed to offer us a way to follow when he described his remarkable fascia in the middle of the XIX century. Anatomist and surgeons followed what they thought it was responsible for the shape and suspension of the gland. But it was the unjustifiably forgotten, Col. Christine Haycock who demonstrates during her 40 years' experience that neither Copper’s fascia nor breast weight have anything to do with shape and ptosis. This is an important detail that made us think about two important points in breast augmentation: form and permanence. We review the topic, from the first attempts of breast implants until today. We talk briefly about incisions, access, placement and implants. In order to reach conclusions that provoke a technique of simple breast augmentation for every plastic surgeon, always clinically safe and aesthetically pleasing. We consider here our proposed solutions describing a new shape of mammary prosthesis for preventing that aesthetic issue: naturally anatomical and therefore with shape and in pairs, not in units for both breasts, as they have all been developed in the last 60 years. 


A characteristic appearance of the bosom is a fundamental objective of enlargement mammaplasty, and it is abstractly surveyed dependent on the size, shape, and extent of the bosom. Be that as it may, absence of goal, quantifiable determinants of bosom style presents testing issues for plastic surgeons.2 This causes a disparity in assessment of stylish results between a plastic specialist and a patient; there is an extensive distinction in comprehension of self-perception related with engaging quality and characteristic appearance of the bosom between the 2 gatherings. Specialists ought not subsequently disregard the relationship between bosom feel and mental self-perception, the two of which are firmly identified with patients' personal satisfaction. 

Following results and entanglements of elective restorative medical procedure is basic for guaranteeing excellent consideration and wellbeing and educated choice regarding patients. Along these lines, specialists ought to be educated about solid information with respect to results and potential intricacies that might be transferrable to their own patients. It stays risky, in any case, that such information have been gotten from a solitary specialist or single-focus considers; their appropriateness might be constrained in light of the fact that the adequacy of a surgery performed by a solitary specialist can't be deciphered as that by various specialists. To defeat this, the utilization of national libraries or medical coverage claims information has been endeavored. Along these lines, American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgery made the Tracking Operations and Outcomes for Plastic Surgeons database for the reasons for advancing a checking of the nature of plastic careful care.6 But the utility of the Tracking Operations and Outcomes for Plastic Surgeons may likewise be restricted on the grounds that it catches entanglements happening inside just 30 days postoperatively. It is accordingly likely that the genuine occurrence of long haul inconveniences, for example, embed related contaminations, loss of bosom inserts, and capsular contracture (CC), may be thought little of. 


Study Setting

A sum of 672 patients (n = 672) experienced stylish enlargement mammaplasty utilizing the BellaGel inserts at our emergency clinics during a 2-year time span from April 1, 2017, to March 30, 2019. We incorporated the patients who were followed up for as long as a year, those without fundamental illnesses (eg, hypertension and diabetes mellitus), those without discouragement or uneasiness, and those with accessibility of follow-up information.

 Treatment Protocol

A proof based embed based growth mammaplasty was performed, as recently portrayed. Periareolar, inframammary overlay, and axillary entry points were made under general sedation and intravenous sedation for the reasons for forestalling obvious scarring. 

Tolerant Evaluation and Criteria

We played out a review audit of benchmark qualities of the patients; these incorporate age, sex, round of medical procedure (essential and modification bosom growth), smoking status (never, current, and previous smokers), weight record, the sort and volume of bosom embed, and the kind of careful methodology. 

Investigation of Implant Survival

In the current examination, we broke down intricacy free endurance; it is characterized as survivorship of the patients with no difficulties. It was determined as level of practical inserts that stay without experiencing modification or expulsion of them without correction. 

Factual Analysis of the Patient Data

All information of our clinical arrangement of the patients were communicated as the quantity of patients with rate, mean ± SD, or mean ± standard mistake, where proper. The aggregate by and large confusion free endurance was evaluated, for which 95% certainty stretches (CIs) were given. Additionally, contrasts in intricacy free endurance between the 4 kinds of the BellaGel inserts were tried for factual hugeness utilizing the rehashed measures investigation of change and Duncan's post hoc examination. Besides, the comparing combined intricacy free Kaplan–Meier endurance bend was plotted. Measurable investigation was finished utilizing the SPSS ver. 18.0 for windows (SPSS Inc., Chicago, Ill.). A P estimation of <0.05 was considered measurably huge. 


As indicated by the 2015 International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery report, stylish bosom growth medical procedure is performed all the more pervasively when contrasted and liposuction and blepharoplasty. Also, the quantity of patients experiencing insert based bosom growth is assessed at >220,000 dependent on the 2014 International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery data.33 But concerns have been raised with respect to the security of tasteful bosom expansion utilizing insert prostheses.

 To sum up, our outcomes are as per the following: First, aggregate in general inconvenience free endurance arrived at the most elevated level at 120 weeks postoperatively (0.981 [95% CI, 0.971–0.992]). Second, there was no huge contrast in the combined inconvenience free endurance between the 4 kinds of the BellaGel inserts (χ2 = 2.289, P = 0.513).


All in all, we portray the momentary wellbeing of expansion mammaplasty utilizing the BellaGel embeds in Korean ladies. In any case, further imminent, huge scope, multicenter concentrates with a significant stretch of follow-up are justified to set up our outcomes.

Author(s): Juan A Mira

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