Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

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Mini Review - Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (2023) Volume 7, Issue 4

An Overview of Environmental Risk Assessment: Methods and Applications

Environmental risk assessment plays a crucial role in identifying, evaluating, and managing potential risks posed by environmental contaminantsto human health and ecosystems. This article provides an overview of environmental risk assessment, including its methods and applications. It explores the key steps involved in the risk assessment process, such as hazard identification, exposure assessment, toxicity assessment, and risk characterization. The article discusses various methods and tools used in environmental risk assessment, including quantitative and qualitative approaches. Additionally, it highlights the applications of environmental risk assessment in different contexts, such as contaminated sites, air and water pollution, and industrial activities. By understanding the principles and methodologies of environmental risk assessment, stakeholders can make informed decisions and implement effective risk management strategies to protect human health and the environment.

Author(s): Roberto Murua

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