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Research Article - Allied Journal of Clinical Pathology Research (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

An European multicentric study of esophageal replacements: gastric pullup, jejunal interposition, colonic interposition.

Introduction: There are two principals indication to the esophageal replacement: the Long-Gap esophageal atresia and the caustic stenosis. The “main goal” for every surgeon is to choose the best substitute of it. Materials and methods: It is a multicentric retrospective study that includes 27 patients who had undergone to an esophageal replacement between 1990 and 2015. The aim is to find the best esophageal substitute analyzing the experiences of some European hospital Results and patients: Of the 27 patients, 19 (70, 4%) had a long-gap esophageal atresia and 8 (29,6%) a caustic stenosis. 8 patients have had a gastric pull-up, 9 a jejunal interposition and 10 a colonic interposition. The median age at the surgery was 41,3 months. The median follow up was of 72,1 months. We have had a 63% of postoperative complications and the mortality rate was 3.7%. Discussion and conclusion: There are not significantly difference between the three groups regarding the follow up whereas the colonic interposition group has shown a higher rate of postoperative complication and mortality. We cannot find the best choice as esophageal substitute but our study shows that the jejunal interposition could be chosen as first option.

Author(s): Molinaro F, Angotti R, Bindi E, Pellegrino C, Casini L, Ravasse P, Petit T, Chiesa PL, Lisi G, Leva E, Riccipetitoni G, Noviello C, Cobellis G, Martino A, Casadio G, Rossi CD, Bianchi A, Messina M, Sica M

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