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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

An enhanced algorithm for removal of noise in CT scan image and 3D abdomen color video sequence through trimmed based filter

In this paper, a new Trimmed Median (TM) filter to remove high density fixed impulse noise in CT (computerized tomography) scan images and abdomen color video sequence is proposed. Initially, a 3 × 3 sliding window is applied on each pixel in the noisy image and color video sequence frame. The minimum and maximum intensity values are trimmed and the noisy pixels are detected based on the predefined threshold value. In the filtering stage, the noisy pixels are replaced by median value of uncorrupted pixels in the trimmed array. At very high noise density, if all the pixels in the sliding window are corrupted then the proposed algorithm replaces noisy pixel by midpoint of recently processed pixels. The experimental results for noisy lung CT scan image show that the performance of proposed algorithm is superior to existing algorithms in terms of visual quality and edge preservation, even at noise level as high as 95%.

Author(s): G Elaiyaraja, N Kumaratharan

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