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Short Communication - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

An end to end system for subtitle text extraction from movie

A new technique for text detection inside a complex graphical background, its extraction, and enhancement to be easily recognized using the optical character recognition (OCR). The technique uses a deep neural network for feature extraction and classifying the text as containing text or not. An Error Handling and Correction (EHC) technique is used to resolve classification errors. A Multiple Frame Integration (MFI) algorithm is introduced to extract the graphical text from its background. Text enhancement is done by adjusting the contrast, minimize noise, and increasing the pixels resolution. A standalone software Component-Off-The- Shelf (COTS) is used to recognize the text characters and qualify the system performance. Generalization for multilingual text is done with the proposed solution. 

Author(s): Hossam Elshahaby

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