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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2019) Volume 23, Issue 1

Alternate-day steroid therapy in an infant with a large orbital cavernous hemangioma

Cavernous hemangioma (CH) is a common infantile benign tumor affecting females more than males with a ratio of 3:1; head and neck being the most common affected sites. Usually CH is self-resolved. However, medical treatment is required based on site, number and size of the lesions. Different therapeutic modalities include medical treatment, such as propranolol and systemic, topical or intralesional steroid therapy, surgical excision and laser therapy.

This case report presents a case of 12-month-old female infant with a large CH measuring 10 cm × 12 cm, affecting the right side of her face including her forehead, orbit, nose, cheek, external ear and mandible. There was no cerebral extension on MRI, and therefore was treated through alternate-day steroid therapy over a duration of 8 months yielding a cosmetically satisfying appearance with no adverse effects.

Author(s): Waad Al-Ghamdi, Hasan M. Aljefri, Noran M. Abuouf, Abdulmoein Al-Agha*

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