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Research Article - Journal of Child and Adolescent Health (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Air pollution: Impact on children health: Knowledge into action

Environmental pollution is the major health care burden globally. Nearly 70% is from air pollution and 70% of non-communicable diseases are from air pollution. Allergic Airway diseases are the earliest onset non communicable chronic respiratory diseases all over the world. Historically there is enough evidence to prove that air pollution is the main cause for morbidity and mortality from air pollution and change in the demography of the place. Even though respiratory system is the main organ to take the brunt of the air pollution from suspended particles, tobacco smoke and Ozone other system are also involved like Cardiovascular system, Central nervous system, Behaviour problems, Stroke and Cancer. To mitigate the problems we need scientific proofs to convince the policy makers and bureaucracy. Doctors are the major link between scientist’s technocrats, researches with society. Policy makers, with social and service organisations for sustainable development. Some of our work on environmental issues on health are helpful in taking action by authorities in the past 4 decades on 1) Lead poisoning, 2) Outdoor air pollution on traffic police personnel, 3) Air pollution with change of demography of our city on children respiratory health, 4) Banning tobacco smoke in public places, 5) Reducing the usage of bursting fine crackers, 6) Banning heavy back pack on school children to protect spinal health.

Author(s): Paramesh Haralappa

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