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Short Communication - Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany (2023) Volume 7, Issue 1

Advancement of post harvesting technology for crop production

Post gather innovation is inter-disciplinary "Science and Method" connected to agrarian deliver after collect for its security, preservation, handling, bundling, conveyance, promoting, and utilization to meet the nourishment and wholesome necessities of the individuals in connection to their needs. It should create in consonance with the wants of each society to fortify rural generation; anticipate post-harvest misfortunes, move forward sustenance and include esteem to the items. In this handle, it must be able to create employment, reduce destitution and fortify development of other related financial segments. The method of creating of post collect innovation and its intentional utilize needs an inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional approach, which must incorporate, logical imagination, mechanical developments, commercial enterprise and educate competent of inter-disciplinary inquire about and improvement all of which must react in an coordinates way to the formative needs.

Author(s): Romina Victoria*

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