Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases

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Abstract - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Addisons disease - rare diseases and health

 There are very many rare diseases such diseases are less common in apopulation, affecting a few in millions.One such disease is Addison’s disease. According to estimates 1 in 100,000 are affected by this disease. Addison’s disease is an autoimmune disorder. The other causes of this disease are infection and cancer.Addison’s disease is caused due to deficiency of cortisol and aldosterone produced by adrenal gland.The symptoms include –fatugue, weight loss, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, hyperpimentation, muscle pain etc. Diagnosis is done by blood test for Sodium levels, Potassium levels, antibodies against adrenal cortex. Treatment involves intake of hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone.

Author(s): D Ramprasad

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