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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 19

A study on the antibacterial effect of Acanthopanax sessiliflorum on inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity

This study was conducted to investigate the antimicrobial effect of Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract, a natural medicinal substance against Candida albicans (C. albicans), a common inflammatory disease in the oral cavity, and to utilize it in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory oral diseases. In studying the antimicrobial effect of 80% ethanol Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract against C. albicans, disc diffusion method (paper disk) was used, while growth curve, minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal concentration, and colony-forming unit were measured. As a parameter of the antimicrobial effect of Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract, the clear zone of C. albicans was found to be 15 mm at 40 mg/ml, 14 mm at 45 mg/ml, 19 mm at 50 mg/ml, 20 mm at 55 mg/ml and 21 mm at 60 mg/ml, respectively. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the extract against C. albicans was 20 mg/ml, and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC), which is the concentration where bacteria do not exist, was found to be 50 mg/ml. As for the colony-forming unit (CFU), there was bactericidal effect at 20 mg/ml, while no bacteria were observed at 50 mg/ml. Thus, the antimicrobial effect against C. albicans was enhanced as the concentration of Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract increased. Based on these results, Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract can be considered as a suitable replacement for antimicrobial agents. Therefore, developing oral health care products, such as gargles or toothpastes using natural Acanthopanax sessiliflorum extract, would be beneficial in preventing inflammatory oral disease.

Author(s): Young-Soon Choi, Na-Hyun Kim, Hyo-Jin Kim, Su-Jin An, Bit-Na Lee, Min-Ju Jung, Ji-Young Hwang, Seoul-Hee Nam

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