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Commentary - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

A simple study of limnology.

The study of inland aquatic ecosystems. The study of limnology includes elements of the biological, chemical, physical, and geological characteristics and capabilities of inland waters (running and standing waters, fresh and saline, herbal and man-made). This includes the observe of lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, springs, streams, wetlands, and groundwater. A more recent sub-subject of limnology, termed landscape limnology, studies, manages, and seeks to conserve these ecosystems the use of a landscape angle, by means of explicitly examining connections among an aquatic atmosphere and its drainage basin. Lately, the need to recognize global inland waters as part of the Earth system created a sub-field known as global limnology. This technique considers processes in inland waters on a worldwide scale, like the function of inland aquatic ecosystems in worldwide biogeochemical cycles [1].

Author(s): Antonio Lucas Soares*,Vijaya Haoyue Yang

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