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Abstract - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

A Preliminary Study of Tourist Friendly Destination Concept in City Tourism

Tourist friendly destination is a growing concept applicable to many tourism sectors, which aim to satisfy the needs and demands of domestic as well as international tourists. In the city tourism, recent practices have shown that tourism providers have given emphasis to the general provision of physical facilities compared to the facilities and services that meet and satisfies the tourists? needs. Previous studies have also focused on the positioning, image, and branding of tourism destination, thus, making the tourist friendly destination concept untapped. Therefore, this article aims to develop a preliminary concept of tourist friendly destination from domestic tourist?s perspective. A total of 30 respondents chose the purposive sampling method in Kuala Lumpur. The results of the study showed that the level of attributes was ?important? and ?very important? to overall mean value range 3.09 to 4.63. Tourist friendly destination is an approach to addressing the concept of customer-oriented. It is mean the tourists will choose a destination when guided by a desire to learn, to explore new experiences, and expand their meaning of life through the experience of travel. ?erefore this concept is to ensure the supply in tourism destinations always meets the demand which desired by tourists. Kozak and Smeral mentioned that tourists will choose a tourism destination that can meet the expectation and demand . According to Swarbrooke, tourists favor to responding well to the tourist friendly, where the service is easy to use and without interruption This study contri to determine the type of interior physical setting in the interpretation centre, ii) to identify the criteria fulfil the interpretive design element in interpretation centre. This study was conducted at the Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) Taman Wetland Presint 13, Putrajaya. Based on analysis shows that the particular factor needs a significant change for both elements, interior design physical setting, and interpretive design. There is successful physical setting design such as ventilation, incorporation with nature, texture and universal design and the other which is so critical is the failure function of notices and signage. The interpretive design is symbolic or abstract modality need a new transformation because the management has no initiative to update the latest version of a design. NIC Taman Wetland should offer the latest application on technology and design to build an attractive interpretation centre. The interior design industry has focused on research based-design as a license to sustain the profession, expand a body of knowledge, and increase professional. Author(s): Mr. Habibah Ahmad

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