Journal of Public Health and Nutrition

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Review Article - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2018) Volume 1, Issue 4

A history of evolution of the terms of carbohydrates coining the term ‘glucogenic carbohydrates’ and prescribing in grams per day for better nutrition communication

The terms used to denote the various components of ‘carbohydrates’ have evolved over centuries with definitions frequently being broadened to encompass a greater meaning or narrowed for greater precision. The maneuverings of biochemists and nutritionists are often beyond the reach of medical professionals and people who do not have professional knowledge of the subject. Consequently, every term holds different meanings for different people and leads to much confusion. Like terms of endearments, scientific terms regarding food are much beloved and hold a strong and lasting grip over popular imagination. Scientists and the food industry have, as a result, found it difficult to phase out terms they think are obsolete. And yet this exercise is necessary for practical eating especially in the case of patients with diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The way out is to coin a fresh term: Glucogenic-carbohydrates, one that has no preconceived notion attached to it.

Author(s): Manoshi Bhattacharya

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