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- Biomedical Research (2012) Volume 23, Issue 1

A histoarchitectural study of early human ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is one in which the embryo is implanted outside the uterine cavity. The incidence of such pregnancy has markedly increased in the past decade. This may be a reflection of prompt diagnosis due to easy availability of non-invasive diagnostic tools such as ultrasonography. However, literatures on histarchitectural changes of early ectopic pregnancy are rather scarce and therefore, the present study was conducted on 20 patients of ectopic pregnancy. The various parameters included in this study were location of ectopic pregnancy, side of corpus luteum and histological features of ectopic pregnancy. It was found that the corpus luteum was noticed on the contra lateral side in 5 cases (25%). The trophoblast invasion was predominantly intralumial. Intratubal hemorrhage was generally proportionate to trophoblastic spread which leads to marked destruction of tubal wall. It was concluded that only early diagnosis and treatment before rupture still remains the best management of ectopic pregnancy.

Author(s): M Tariq Zaidi, M Salahuddin Ansari, Farhan Kirmani and Aijaz A Khan

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