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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

A critical review for adsorption of CO2 by graphene functionalized materials

 The accumulation of CO2 in the gaseous envelope around the Earth due to rapid deforestation and advanced industrialization corresponding to high demand of explosive population creates major environmental hazard. So, there is an urgent need to find the solution for reduction of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. A number of methods including absorption, adsorption, use of cryogenic and membranes etc, have been followed for post combustion CO2 capture, out of them adsorption can be considered to be one of the most promising methods. It is well known that, carbon based materials are gifted candidate for effective adsorption of CO2 because of their chemical inertness, low cost and high surface area. Again, amine functionalized groups have potential activity for selective capture of CO2 from flue gases and ambient air because of its high basicity (Scheme 1). So, fabrication of amine functionalized graphene oxide is emphasized globally. Some materials like zeolites, mesoporous silica, porous carbons, and metal organic frameworks are reported for higher adsorption capacity but comparatively poor selectivity to CO2. Researchers have introduced 2-D graphene sheet for impregnation of amine with a purpose of CO2 adsorption as they have high surface area, high thermal & mechanical stability. Several techniques like Pressure Swing Adsorption, Vacuum Swing Adsorption, Thermal Swing Adsorption, Electric Swing Adsorption and Thermal Swing Sorption-Enhanced Reaction are developed for adsorption, cited in literature. Main purpose of the work is to review the reported experimental methods cum results along with future research aspect for CO2 adsorption by amine functionalized graphene-based materials.

Author(s): Manasi Buzar Baruah

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