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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 1

A case of heterotopic salivary tissue: Pleomorphic adenoma of the nose.

Objective: Pleomorphic adenomas are benign tumors of epithelial origin which typically present as tumors of the salivary gland. In this case report, we present a rare case of ectopic pleomorphic adenoma of the nose, review the epidemiology and pathology of this neoplasm, and address concerns for recurrence and malignant transformation. The pathology report noted a diagnosis of benign mixed tumor (pleomorphic adenoma). Methods: A single case was reviewed for this case study. The patient is an 11 year old female who presented with a soft, mobile mass on her nasal bridge. Results: The mass was excised under general anaesthesia and sent for pathology evaluation. The pathology report noted a diagnosis of benign mixed tumor (pleomorphic adenoma). Other cases of heterotopic pleomorphic adenomas have been described in the literature, including in the breast, lung, and skin. Conclusions: In evaluation of facial masses, the rare diagnosis of heterotopic pleomorphic adenoma should remain low on the list of differential diagnoses. However, should pathology reveal this diagnosis, the physician may be reassured by the benign nature and good post-excision prognosis of this pathology, while remaining aware of the possibility of recurrence or malignant transformation.

Author(s): Jennifer E Fligor*, Amber R Leis

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