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Research Article - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

A case of bilateral pigment epithelial detachments with different treatment approaches with a Vegf inhibitor and Intraocular Dexamethasone

we show a case of age related macular degeneration treated with Lucentis in the left eye for sixtimes, that failed and worsened after all sessions, and developed a recurrent occult neovascular membrane, a case that came from another eye center service, where they failed to switch to a different drug in an appropriate time, worsening the outcome to that one eye (left). The patient came to us in our service and the symptoms started in the better visual acuity eye (right) recently,and we promptly started the treatment, with Intraocular Dexamethasone Implant. We did not let the other eye without attention, despite the worse visual and anatomic outcome, also treated with a switch from Lucentis to Aflibercept. Both eyes had excellent results, even though the right eye recurred after a while and we used the same treatment due to good results at first (the membrane reactivated), and was treated again with the same medication (dexamethasone implant) and the chronic eye (left) was treated again, as well with Aflibercept, not because of recurrence, but because that one eye had an excellent anatomic resolution of the pigment epithelial detachment. After the second treatment, the left eye got better and did not worsen.

Author(s): Hudson de Carvalho Nakamura

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