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Commentary - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 4

A brief understanding of freshwater environmental quality parameters.

Freshwater environmental first-rate parameters are those chemical, bodily or organic parameters that can be used to characterize a freshwater frame. Almost all water bodies are dynamic of their composition, the applicable excellent parameters are usually expressed as a variety of anticipated concentrations. They consist of the natural and man-of artificial chemical, organic and microbiological traits of rivers, lakes and ground-waters, the approaches they may be measured and the approaches that they alternate. The values or concentrations attributed to such parameters may be used to explain the pollution popularity of an surroundings, its biotic repute or to expect the probability or in any other case of a selected organisms being present. monitoring of environmental nice parameters is a key interest in managing the surroundings, restoring polluted environments and looking forward to the results modifications at the surroundings.

Author(s): Eric Costa*, Hexian Li

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