Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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Review Article - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

A brief overview of flexible CNT/PANI super capacitors.

The demand for flexible and sustainable energy storage devices such as solar cells, batteries or super capacitors has been increased in last decades to cover the growth of advanced electronics. Flexible super capacitors have presented promising potential because of their long cycle life, easy fabrication, high capability and low cost. However, to reach high capacitance with power and energy densities better than those of batteries and conventional capacitors, super capacitor required electrodes having thinner dielectrics and high specific surface area. Carbon nanotubes (including SWNTs and MWNTs) are favorable as electrode materials for flexible super capacitors owing to their superb electrical, mechanical, optical properties and high stability of electrochemical which are significant for producing high-performance energy devices. A conducting polymer, polyaniline (PANI) attracts the attention due to its excellent capacity and high conductivity for energy storage. This paper is a comprehensive review covering the recent articles of fabricating super capacitors by combining PANI with CNT electrode to maximize the capacitance efficiency as well as improve the stability of PANI. The characterization and future trends are also discussed.

Author(s): Hana D Dawouda, Talal M Altahtamounia, Moustafa M Zaghoa, Nasr Bensalahb*

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