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Commentary - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 7

A Brief Note on Health Care Community and Sick Patients with COVID-19

Nutritional standing is Associate in Nursing often-overlooked element in communicable disease severity. Hospitalized or critically sick patients are at higher risk of deficiency disease, and fast assessment and treatment of poor organic process standing will impact clinical outcomes. because it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, Associate in Nursing calculable five-hitter of those patients need admission to Associate in Nursing intensive care unit. Per clinical apply pointers, nutrition medical care ought to be a core element of treatment regimens. On account of the imperative would like for data about the organic process support of those patients, clinical apply steering was revealed supported current essential care pointers. However, a growing body of literature is currently offered which will give more direction for the organic process standing and support in COVID-19 patients. This review, meant for the health care community, provides a until now lacking in-depth discussion and outline of the present information on nutrition risk and assessment and clinical apply pointers for medical nutrition medical care for hospitalized and critically sick patients with COVID-19

Author(s): Kumar Singh P

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