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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 21

64-Slice spiral CT angiography study of bronchial artery imaging characteristics and its clinical value in patients with lung cancer

Objective: To study the characteristics and clinical value of Bronchial Artery (BA) imaging in patients with lung cancer by 64-slice spiral CT angiography (CTA).

Methods: The data of 67 patients who were diagnosed as primary lung cancer and 67 healthy persons in the same period were selected from July 2016 to July 2017. The primary lung cancer patients were grouped into the study group, and the healthy persons were classified as the control group. CT scan was performed on the two groups, respectively, for the characteristics observation records and value analysis.

Results: The display number of left and right BA cases in the study group was more than that in the control group, and the total display number of AB was more in the study group. The diameter of the ipsilateral BA in the left lung cancer was larger than that in the control group. The diameter of the ipsilateral BA in the right lung cancer was larger than that in the control group. The BA diameter of the affected side in the lung cancer group was larger than that of the healthy side. The BA manifestations of primary lung cancer were interlaced, tortuous and intermittent, and the associated pulmonary artery was wrapped around, with a residual root shape, narrowing by invasion or truncation.

Conclusion: The application of 64-slice spiral CT in the detection of primary lung cancer can provide more clear and comprehensive diagnostic data for patients.

Author(s): Xiaoyuan Sun, Yumao Yan, Zhiying Shao, Guanghui Zhang, Xiaofeng Tang, Guowei Zhang, Chengming Huang, Lin An

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