Journal of Nutrition and Human Health

Current Issue

2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

Review Paper P.42-43

Health effects of breast feeding beyond traditional perspective- Literature review.

Author(s): Amir Ali Samnani*, Mehak Samnani, Sohail Shaikh, Naveed Bhutto

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Review Article P.30-33

Practice of dieting and its complications among the females

Author(s): Alamgir Khan1*, Salahuddin Khan1, Syed Zia-ul-Islam1, Dilabaz Khan2, Dilabaz Khan3, Manzoor Khan4

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Research Article P.34-41

Effects of glutamine supplementation on body composition, food intake and energy metabolism in high fat fed mice.

Author(s): Sandrina Bervini1,2, Louise Purtell3, Julia Aepler1, Yue Qi1*, Lesley V. Campbell3,4, Herbert Herzog1* ,

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Research Article P.1-8

Tracking the impacts of farm-to-school purchasing programs.

Author(s): Megan Phillips Goldenberg1, Kenneth A. Meter1, Olivia M. Thompson2

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Review Paper P.13-16

Proposals for desiccated bee pollen production and labeling.

Author(s): Parvan Parvanov1, Dinko Dinkov2*

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